Drafting by Shawn
Drafting by Shawn

Our Products

Architectural BIM Services



  • BIM 3D Modelling Services
  • Clash Detection & Co-ordination
  • BIM Cost Estimating and Quantity Take-off
  • BIM 4D Services
  • BIM 5D Service

Point Cloud to Revit BIM Services



  • Tracing and Surface Restructuring from point cloud data
  • Point cloud to BIM 4D for construction scheduling
  • Point cloud to BIM 5D for cost estimation
  • Point cloud to BIM 6D for sustainability optimization
  • Point cloud to BIM 7D for facility management

Architectural Revit BIM Modeling



  • Revit BIM services
  • 3D modelling
  • CAD conversion
  • 2D drafting & detailing
  • BIM 3D Modelling Services (LOD 100 to LOD 500)

Architectural Drawing Services


  • Construction Drawings Services
  • As-built Drawing services
  • Pdf to CAD / Hand sketches to CAD and Jpeg to CAD Drawing Services
  • Existing and Proposed Drawing services
  • Architectural 3d rendering services 
  • Presentation drawing services